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Our rimless aquariums are beautiful as well as strong. The interior of the aquarium shall be aquascaped as planted, marine or as per your needs.

Wonders of aquatic world, be it freshwater or marine, recreated in its true splendour and stunning beauty in AQUARIUMS has become an indispensable part of home and office decor. Marvel Aqua Systems with their unique cutting edge technology and nearly three decades of professional experience in aquascaping has developed this into a fine art.

MARVEL AQUA SYSTEMS (MAS) founded in 1986 by K.M.Hamza, a fisheries graduate from College of Fisheries. Kerala Agricultural University, India, have now to its credit an array of Designer Aquariums suitable for Homes, Shops, Offices, Hospitals, Hotels, Recreation Clubs and other Public and Private Places. Creative vision and artistic excellence blended with sophisticated technical know-how, ably assisted with highly skilled staff with professional back ground and experience, MAS has now many aquarium installations throughout the country.s.

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Marvel Aqua Systems (MAS) founded by K.M. Hamza, a Fisheries Graduate from College of Fisheries, Panangad, Cochin with three years of research experience, along with his well-trained staff has set up aquariums in many a home, office, and hotel in India and abroad. For over 35 years, as of now, he has been successfully pursuing this profession, much to the liking of many a man who has been asking for more, presumably in view of the positive changes resulting out of his remarkable experience and artistic talents.

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