how big is mystic aquarium?

Hello fellow aquarium enthusiasts! If you share my deep fascination with aquatic wonders, then Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut is probably on your radar. But what sets this place apart, and how big is Mystic Aquarium in terms of offering a safe and captivating haven for marine life? Come along as I take you on a journey through the depths of Mystic Aquarium, exploring its size, attractions, and the incredible work it does for the aquatic world.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mystic Aquarium is a renowned marine conservation and research facility in Connecticut.
  • The aquarium boasts a diverse array of marine life, including beluga whales, penguins, sea lions, and many more.
  • Various ticket options and savings opportunities make it accessible to all.
  • The Sea Research Foundation leads in ocean conservation and research activities.
  • Mystic Aquarium is committed not only to marine life but also to diversity and inclusion in its leadership.

Get Tickets

Get Your Tickets Effortlessly

Securing your tickets to Mystic Aquarium is the first step in embarking on a fascinating underwater adventure. You might be wondering, “How big is Mystic Aquarium when it comes to visitor convenience?” Well, I’m pleased to report that acquiring tickets is a breeze. Whether you’re planning a solo visit or an outing with your family, Mystic Aquarium offers a user-friendly online ticketing system that lets you make your reservations with just a few clicks.

Ways to Save

When pondering how big Mystic Aquarium is for your wallet, you’ll be happy to know that there are various ways to make your visit not only enjoyable but also budget-friendly. Mystic Aquarium extends its hospitality by offering memberships, discounts, promotions, and more, ensuring that your experience doesn’t break the bank. So, go ahead and explore the options to find the perfect deal for your aquatic adventure.

Animals Up-Close

An Intimate Glimpse of Marine Marvels

One of the most thrilling aspects of Mystic Aquarium is the chance to forge a personal connection with an astonishing array of marine creatures. From the graceful beluga whales to the endearing penguins and playful sea lions, you’ll have the privilege of witnessing these incredible beings in environments meticulously designed to mimic their natural habitats. It’s an educational and awe-inspiring experience that truly showcases the magnitude of Mystic Aquarium’s dedication to marine conservation.

Sea Research Foundation Activities

The Sea Research Foundation is the heartbeat of Mystic Aquarium’s mission to inspire people to cherish and safeguard our ocean planet through conservation, education, and research. This non-profit organization, founded back in 1973, has played a pivotal role in advancing our understanding of marine life and advocating for habitat preservation.

Diversity and Inclusion

Mystic Aquarium’s commitment doesn’t stop at marine life; it extends to fostering diversity and inclusion. Let’s take a closer look at some of the remarkable leaders who are driving this mission forward:

Susette Tibus

As a devoted member of the Board of Trustees, Susette Tibus plays a pivotal role in shaping Mystic Aquarium’s vision. Her unwavering dedication to ocean conservation is palpable in the aquarium’s tireless efforts to protect marine life.

Koray Gurz

Koray Gurz, another distinguished member of the Board of Trustees, brings a wealth of expertise and passion to Mystic Aquarium. His involvement is instrumental in ensuring that the aquarium continues to thrive as a hub for marine research and conservation.

Tina Couch

Tina Couch, an invaluable board member, contributes significantly to Mystic Aquarium’s mission of connecting people with the aquatic world. Her tireless efforts help the aquarium inspire countless visitors to appreciate and care for our oceans.

Allison D. Tuttle, DVM

In her role as an advocate for aquatic animal health, Allison D. Tuttle, DVM, plays a crucial part in ensuring that the animals at Mystic Aquarium receive the highest standard of veterinary care.

Katie Cubina

Katie Cubina, with her extensive experience in the industry, is an indispensable asset to Mystic Aquarium’s commitment to marine conservation and education.

Keith Sorensen

Keith Sorensen’s involvement as a board member is pivotal in Mystic Aquarium’s success as a non-profit organization dedicated to marine life.

C. Rodney Daniels

C. Rodney Daniels contributes significantly to Mystic Aquarium’s leadership, working diligently to protect our ocean planet and inspire others to do the same.

Kelly Matis

As a dedicated member of the Board of Trustees, Kelly Matis plays a crucial role in Mystic Aquarium’s mission to inspire and educate the public about marine life.

Meagan Seacor

Meagan Seacor’s role in the aquarium’s leadership ensures that Mystic Aquarium remains a hub for marine conservation and education.

Bryan Schultz

Bryan Schultz is an active participant in the Mystic Aquarium community, helping steer its mission towards ocean exploration and conservation.

Board of Trustees

Mystic Aquarium’s Board of Trustees comprises a diverse group of individuals passionately committed to the aquarium’s mission. Their collective expertise and unwavering dedication make Mystic Aquarium a safe and thriving environment for marine life.

Trustees Emeritus

In addition to the current board members, Mystic Aquarium has been blessed with the wisdom and guidance of past trustees who have made significant contributions to its growth and success.

2022 Audited Financial Statements

Mystic Aquarium’s commitment to transparency is evident through its 2022 audited financial statements. This dedication to financial accountability ensures that funds are utilized efficiently and responsibly.

2022 Audited Financial Statements

Mystic Aquarium’s financial records for 2022 are publicly available, providing supporters and visitors with insight into how their contributions are used to protect marine life.

Public Disclosure

Mystic Aquarium is committed to disclosing its financial information to the public, reinforcing its status as a trustworthy and responsible non-profit organization.

Mystic Aquarium Annual Report

The Mystic Aquarium Annual Report offers a comprehensive overview of the aquarium’s achievements, initiatives, and financial performance.

Mystic Aquarium Annual Report

By perusing the annual report, you can gain deeper insights into how Mystic Aquarium fulfills its mission and advances ocean conservation.


So, how big is Mystic Aquarium? It’s more than just a physical space; it’s a treasure trove of marine wonders, a hub of conservation, education, and research. With its commitment to diversity and inclusion, its dedicated leadership, and its transparent financial practices, Mystic Aquarium is a safe and enriching environment for both marine life and visitors. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into your underwater adventure today and uncover the secrets of the ocean at Mystic Aquarium.


Q1: Is Mystic Aquarium a non-profit organization? Yes, Mystic Aquarium is a non-profit organization committed to marine conservation and education.

Q2: How can I get tickets to Mystic Aquarium? Getting tickets to Mystic Aquarium is easy; you can purchase them online through their user-friendly website or directly at the aquarium’s entrance.

Q3: Are there ways to save on tickets at Mystic Aquarium? Absolutely! Mystic Aquarium offers various ways to make your visit not only enjoyable but also budget-friendly, including memberships, discounts, promotions, and more.

Q4: What types of animals can I see up-close at Mystic Aquarium? Mystic Aquarium is home to a diverse range of marine life, including beluga whales, penguins, sea lions, and more.

Q5: How can I support Mystic Aquarium’s mission of ocean conservation? You can support Mystic Aquarium by visiting, becoming a member, or making a donation to their conservation efforts.

Q6: Where can I find Mystic Aquarium’s audited financial statements? Mystic Aquarium’s audited financial statements for 2022 are publicly available on their website.

Q7: Who are some of the key leaders at Mystic Aquarium? Key leaders at Mystic Aquarium include Susette Tibus, Koray Gurz, Tina Couch, Allison D. Tuttle, DVM, Katie Cubina, Keith Sorensen, C. Rodney Daniels, Kelly Matis, Meagan Seacor, and Bryan Schultz.

Q8: What is the mission of Mystic Aquarium? Mystic Aquarium’s mission is to inspire people to cherish and safeguard our ocean planet through conservation, education, and research.

Q9: Is Mystic Aquarium committed to diversity and inclusion? Yes, Mystic Aquarium is dedicated to fostering diversity and inclusion in all aspects of its operations and programs.

Q10: What can I find in Mystic Aquarium’s Annual Report? Mystic Aquarium’s Annual Report provides an overview of the aquarium’s achievements, initiatives, and financial performance, giving insight into its mission and conservation efforts.

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