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Marvel Aqua Systems

Marvel Aqua Systems brings you the perfect underwater scenario in a glass cube, which is the most suitable living environment for your beloved fish.

Which is your favorite type of AQUARIUM?

We are capable of creating so many varieties of aquariums depends on your needs. Here are few types you can have a quick peek.

Marine Aquarium

Marine under water world with its beautifully coloured fishes, invertebrates, corals and other organisms is exciting yet complex with inter specific relationship and water quality requirements.

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Plasma Aquarium

Plug and play wall mounted aquarium series.these aquariums are made of high-quality glass supported by an elegant frame made of marine plywood. these series come in different dimensions which can be easily fixed to any wall without compromising on floor space.

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Pedestal Aquarium

Aquariums of different dimensions and shapes which snugly fit into a well crafted wooden cabinet and hood made of high-quality wood like teak-wood which is ideal for mono specious aquarium for fishes like Arowana, Flower Horn, Oscar etc.

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Planted Aquariums

Watching a shoal of beautifully coloured fishes swim through the intricate spaces in a fully planted aquarium brings pleasant thoughts of peace and tranquillity. Efficient filtration, proper lighting, supplemented nutrients enriched substrate base and controlled carbon-dioxide diffusion is needed for the luxuriant growth of these aquatic plants.

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A Paludarium is a combination of both terrestrial and aquatic landscapes. The small streams and dense fog along with lush green plants, will take you to the real world of nature itself.

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Koi Ponds

A beautifully designed Koi pond can transform a garden into a marvellous retreat that appeals to all our senses. Efficient filtration with UV treatment creates excellent environment for high quality Japanese grade Koi carps. A fountain or beautiful water cascade can add music to the visual bonanza.

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Fish Spa

Take a break! Let the doctor fish in your spa tickle your feet, tingle your senses, invigorating and refreshing after a hard day’s work.

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Public Aquariums

We are blessed to utilize the oppotunities of creating many public aquariums, which is helpful for the public to see and know more about the aquatic life

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Aqua Terrarium

A combination of conventional terrariums and aquariums. On top there’s a rainforest, below there’s an aquarium. This aqua-terrarium, also called a paludarium (latin: palus = swamp), is very popular with biotope enthusiasts. With it you can simulate riverbank zones, landscapes with waterfalls and water holes very authentically.

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Aquarium Accessories

One can find all kinds of aquatic accessories under one roof here.

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Our strength and our wealth in this past four decades is our satisfied customers and their words about Marvel Aqua Systems to the world.

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Our Youtube Channel.

Aquascaping and fishkeeping are two of the most relaxing, enjoyable and second largest hobbies in the world after photography . We help the rookie/veteran hobbyists with all the information through our youtube channel. It’s our motto to spread the knowledge even further with proper guidence.

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